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Botany on your plate

How do people use plants in their daily lives? Or what parts of a plant do you eat? In this activity participants get a chance

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Cabbage juice is an awesome chemical indicator. Its interactions with acids and bases from household items will produce a number of colors. Learn about acids

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Crimes are solved by using the evidence left behind by the perpetrators. In this activity the evidence will help you identify the perpetrator by comparing

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Digestive System

Explore what happens to our food once it’s inside our bodies. How does it get broken down in to small pieces so that it can

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Explore your senses

Our senses allow us to detect and experience our environment in multiple ways. The information we collect using multiple sensory systems is interpreted by the

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Floating and Sinking

How do things float? What does a boat-­‐builder need to think about sothat the boat can carry its load? How can you help to keep

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Hand and Joint

What would you do without your joints? Your movement and everyday activities would be greatly affected. What would be like by trying some simple tasks

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Skulls Activity

Use your observational skills to find out more about an animal’s skull. A skullcan tell us how it eats, what it eats and whether it

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Learn to make a sticky and gooey polymer called SLIME! Gross out your friends and family with our easy to make recipe and take somehome

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