Tag: Physical Science

Making a Battery

This is an inquiry-based activity in which students are given materials to make a battery. Students work in pairs and results are shared with the

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What is Matter?

During this activity students explore in depth their own understanding ofwhat constitutes “matter” and work together as a group to create adefinition for matter. Students

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What is an Atom?

The students will repeatedly cut a piece of aluminum foil into smaller and smaller pieces to model the process of how you can break a

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Polarity of Magnets

Students will investigate how the effects of magnets change when their position inspace is changed. Children are introduced to basic concepts of orientation in space.

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Students will read the first part of the book by Dr. Seuss, “Bartholomew and the Oobleck”, where they learn about the mysterious substace “Oobleck” created

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Measuring Calories in Food

The lesson introduces the concept of calories and provides examples of high calorie and low calorie foods. Students learn a number of ways to determine

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Making an Electromagnet

Students discover that when electric current flows through an insulated wire wound around a steel core, the steel core becomes a magnet. They learn that

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