“I understand that science teaching isn’t about me feeding information to the kids with maybe a fun experiment thrown in. It’s about creating an environment for them to discover science and teach themselves.”
- Teaching Workshop Participant

Scientist Teaching Workshops

The Scientist Teaching Workshops are designed to equip SEP volunteers with the knowledge, skills and tools to reach students with a variety of learning styles and needs.


Begun in 1996, this series covers such topics as: inquiry-based science teaching, classroom and materials management, student assessment, equitable teaching strategies, cognitive development, lesson planning, and language development – all through hands-on, interactive science activities.

The workshops are open to anyone from UCSF who is interested in working with SEP and its various programs supporting K-12 science education.

The Teaching Workshop series seeks to provide UCSF volunteers with teaching strategies that will enable them to:

  • Create inquiry-based science lessons that are age appropriate,
  • Engage all students in science learning,
  • Get to know learners through ongoing assessment,
  • Design effective and successful lessons, and
  • Acknowledge and use the expertise of their teacher partner in areas such as student discipline and cognitive development.

If you would like to learn more, please email Rachel Harris.

Mentoring Workshops

For mentors in SEP’s High School Intern Program, SEP offers a Mentoring Workshop Series. The Workshops address topics that are key to successful mentoring including designing short-term research projects, mentor roles, and strategies for supporting students’ research, writing, and presentation skills.