San Francisco STEM Career Day

San Francisco STEM Career Day seeks to nurture San Francisco Unified School District’s students’ awareness and interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers.  Over the course of the day, students participate in worksite tours, meet with STEM professionals in a wide variety of fields, who followed different paths to their careers, and who represent diverse backgrounds. This exposure helps students, many of who are from backgrounds underrepresented in the sciences, to imagine themselves in these roles in the future.

“Me gusto [STEM Career Day] porque me senti como un cientifico por un momento [I liked it because I felt like a scientist for a little while.]”
- SFUSD Student

Sponsored by Bayer Healthcare and Salesforce, and organized by the UCSF Science & Health Education Partnership, SF STEM Career Day introduces 100 San Francisco Unified School District high school students to the tremendous opportunities that are available in the Bay Area’s STEM professions. Students experience site tours, hands on demonstrations and Q&A Sessions at local labs, facilities and STEM workplaces; and a catered “Lunch with a STEM Professional” where students have the opportunity to talk informally with a variety of university students and professionals in STEM fields.

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